General Travel Information for travellers to Europe


Weather in whole of Europe tends to be pretty much the same as London; unexpected light showers and sunny at the same time. So when travelling it is recommended to carry an umbrella as the weather is unpredictable. But in general during May to September, Europe is hot and very humid. Temperatures vary from places to places, but in average expect anything from 20°c to 33°c; but of course the more south you travel the hotter it is going to be. So places such as Italy, temperatures are usually higher than rest of Europe. Whereas certain places like Mt. Titlis and Mt. Jungfrau (located in Switzerland) temperatures can vary from -10°c to 8°c. During September to April Europe becomes very cold, you’ll have regular showers, high winds and at times even snow. Average temperatures at this period of the year would be between 5°c to 15°c. For up to date weather information please visit

Clothing & accessories

During summer months it is advisable to wear light garments and perhaps keep light jacket or sweater as hand luggage, as nights out do tend to be quite chilly. Also few other items which are highly recommended are a family sized umbrella, pair of sunglasses and a pair of trainers especially during particular excursions such Disneyland, Rome and any mountains. If you have booked yourself a holiday to Switzerland you’ll be most probably going up to a mountain where temperatures can be below freezing, so bring clothes accordingly. If you decide to go to a casino or shows like lido you will be required to wear very smart clothing such as a suit for men and casual clothing for ladies; jeans & trainers will be not acceptable. If you have booked for Spain, carry light clothes as it is very hot during July & August. 


Limitation on each paying passenger is a maximum of 20Kg. Since there is no porter service provided, passengers will be required to carry there own luggage from the coach to the hotel rooms; and therefore one piece of main luggage and one small hand luggage is suggested. Also friends and families who have more than one room booked please make sure the luggage is allocated according to the room; i.e. parents travelling with children may have booked 2 separate rooms, so its recommended that parents have there own luggage as well as the children. This is advised as it’s not always possible to get the rooms next to each other. It is also highly advised to put your name and address on each piece of bag as lot of passengers may have very similar bags from you. For any reasons if your baggage or personal valuable is lost or stolen, Cheap Coach Tours will not accept any responsibility; but in such cases inform your Tour Manager who will help you in what action to take.


When travelling to Europe you will be required to have Euros (€), but if you are also travelling to Switzerland you will need to carry Swiss Francs (CHF). To get a good exchange rate it’s always better to do it in any high street banks rather than hotels or in main European cities as they will charge high commission rates. At times when exchanging in Europe you may require a passport especially when exchanging traveller’s cheques. Even though in Europe credit and debit cards are widely accepted but do keep in mind the rate will poor and will charge commission.

Passports ,Visas & Travel Insurane

All passengers require a passport, and it is the responsibility of each passenger to have a passport valid for 6 months from the date of completing the tour. Also it is your duty to have appropriate visas; for further information on visas please contact Cheap Coach Tours or visit Please carry your travel insurance documents together with the insurance provider emergency contact numbers.


Hotels are all carefully selected ranging from 3/4 star. Some of the service which would be provided in the rooms is T.V, telephone, an attached toilet and bathroom. Occasionally tea & coffee facility are provided in the room but not guaranteed. On many of the hotels you would also have a mini bar in your room which is chargeable. Any use of telephone outside the hotel and use of pay T.V is chargeable. Many hotels will request a deposit before any use. Hotels which Cheap Coach Tours use may or may not be in the city center depending on the city and the day-to-day itinerary and also keeping in mind your comfort and the main fact that you will be sightseeing most of the time.  

Credit Cards

We recommend that you bring a credit card on tour with you, as it provides extra financial flexibility. Major international credit cards, such as Visa or MasterCard are accepted by many restaurants, shops and hotels. It is also possible to draw cash with your credit card at some banks, though this may involve interest payments - check with your bank before departure. It is a good idea to deposit sufficient funds into your accounts prior to departure and then bring your PIN number with you. Remember to notify your bank which countries you are visiting prior to travel so that you don’t run the risk of your card being refused and subsequent expensive phone calls to unlock it.

Phone Cards

Almost all hotels will add a service charge to the cost of any phone calls you make from your room. This charge can be high, especially for international calls. It is always cheaper to use public telephones (pay phones) or an international calling service such as EKit, allowing you to save up to 70% on international calls. Information on Ekit global phonecards will be sent with your tour documentation. Your tour director will also advise you how to use the telephone if you are unsure.

Tour Director

Escorted tours are accompanied by professional tour director or local guides throughout the itinerary. On rare occasions your tour manager may not meet you at your dedicated pick up point but a later stage, however the driver will be there to take care of your needs. A number of itineraries include flights or rail journeys; it may be that you are not companied during these journeys. In this case, your Tour Director will meet you on arrival at your destination. On occasions it may be the case that your Tour Director may change whilst on tour; this is usually due to operational reasons.

Holiday Flights

All your flight tours are packaged with reliable flight carriers in Economy class. We have carefully chosen the flight carriers who are reliable and comfortable.  Most holidays in this brochure are priced on departures from the main London airport and based on seats at contracted tour rates. However, if you prefer to fly out from your regional airport, then please contact the office to assist in arranging your flight which may be at a supplement. If you book the flights through us, the exact flight times will be sent to you and shown on your final travel documents. All our flight holidays are subject to availability and price. Therefore, there may be an additional cost if the fare class we request is unavailable. We cannot confirm specific seats for you on the aircraft. We recommend you check-in for your flight three hours before the scheduled time for long haul flights and two and half hours for European destinations.


Electrical currents vary between Britain, the European continent and North America. We suggest you carry a converter for your electric shaver, travelling iron, hair dryer, and other small appliances. Best bet is to buy a universal electrical travel adapter before you go, to help prevent accidents and damage to your appliances.


All your meals are preset in the restaurants. For any other items e.g. alcohol, beverages or any extra items will directly incur an extra cost which you have to settle directly with the restaurant. There will be no reimbursement if you have missed any meal due to any reason.


From this year on we have included tips in all our European tours.  Should you wish to also tip off the same amount to the tour manager, and then please do so at the end of your holiday in a separate envelope. However, for all other destinations we recommend that you budget a tipping of minimum £1- £3 per person per day depending on your destination, which can be paid at the end of the tour. These tips are in appreciation towards the services provided by relevant tour guides and drivers on the tour. 


We request all passengers to be punctual at all times. The timings advised by the Tour Manager should be adhered to under all circumstances. Due to strict driving rules, long distances in Europe and many countries being included in the itineraries, time management is of utmost importance to ensure that we cover all places mentioned. Delays on the part of a few passengers could result in the entire group missing out on sightseeing and other services or ultimately you will have to make your own arrangements if you are delayed for a long time.
It is advisable to take Tour Manger’s contact No. on the tour.

Pick-up Points

Pick-up points will not be changeable 1 week before your departure date. However, if you do decide to change it please inform our offices, (3 days prior to departure) and if it is possible we may able to change it for additional payment of £10 per person. It is also highly suggested that you arrive at the pick-up point at least 15 minutes prior the departure time. Also for those who are arriving at the pick-up via taxi, it is suggested that you book the taxi one night prior as it could be difficult to get one last minute.

Optional Excursions

Often the tour leader and driver will offer you optional excursions, which are not included in the tour cost or part of the itinerary; these excursions are priced separately and operated solely by the driver and tour leader. However we have set the individual prices to ensure customers are not made to pay extortionate rates. We can not however take any responsibility for the duration and content of these tours; it will be your responsibility to know exactly what is covered and the duration of the tour. Also optional excursions will depend on the number of passengers opting for it. Passengers are entitled to refuse any optional.

Children & Young infants 

Children under 2 years will not be charged on coach tours if not occupying a seat if your infant requires a seat there is a nominal charge; however, on a flight tour, a nominal supplement will apply, which will be advised to you at the time of booking. Further, car seats are not provided on coaches and the infant will need to share the parents’ seats at the sole responsibility of the parents. Some coaches will have hot or cold water available to make up milk bottles however this can not be guaranteed, it is therefore your responsibility to pre plan the necessary arrangements for your child.

What to carry

Passports with relevant visas; travel insurance with policy; appropriate currencies; 2 pin European travel adapter, swimming costume

Front Row Seats

For all our European tours, front row seats can be reserved for £10 per person (up to 6 days duration) or £15 per person (7 days or above duration) on all European tours. This offer is only available for bookings of two or four persons and is subject to availability. In addition to this, seats on the second row can be reserved for a supplement of £5 per person (up to 6 days duration) or £10 per person (7 days or above duration). Guaranteed front or second row seats cannot be reserved on feeder journeys to/from the U.K. port.

Please note:  children under 15 years of age are not permitted to sit in the front seats of any coach.

Please note: If your tour is cancelled for any reason and the front or second row seats are not available on your new tour you will be refunded the supplement paid. No other compensation will be payable.

Lost Property and Theft

It is your responsibility to keep your property and valuables safe at all times. If an item has been left within a hotel you will need to call the hotel and provide them with your address and the hotel will arrange to send your goods at a nominal cost directly back to your home, which may not be guaranteed. In case of theft you will need to advise your Tour Director immediately and report the theft to the nearest police personnel who will provide you with a police report or crime reference number. You are advised not to carry unnecessary valuables and to be vigilant at all times as tourist spots are well known targets for pickpockets.


From 01 January 06, all UK and EC Citizens will need a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to receive health care that becomes necessary during your visit to an EEA Country or Switzerland. Please note that it is advised that you should still obtain travel insurance as a precaution. Information on health is contained in the Department of Health leaflet T7 (Health Advice for Travellers) available from the Department of Health by telephone on 0870 1555455 or via its website and from most Post Offices.  Recommendations and requirements may change and you should check the up to date position with your GP or travel clinic in good time before departure. Any health requirements applicable to British citizens(as opposed to recommendations) applicable at the time of printing are shown in our brochure.

Book your own flight

If you book ground arrangements with us and make your own airline reservation, all flight bookings will be your own responsibility and are subject to the terms and conditions of the airline involved. In the unlikely event of your flight being cancelled or changed by the airline, no refunds will be given for your holiday and any extra costs incurred to alter the holiday will be your responsibility. If you book your own flight and wish to make use of our included airport transfers we will be unable to provide transfers in the event of your delayed arrival at the airport, although we will endeavour to provide your assistance.


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