How to complete the short stay visa application form?

Below is some basic guidance on filling out a schengen

Visa application form. Please remember the below is

Only for information and support purposes and this

May change due to individual circumstances

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General information

  • You may complete either an original form, a good quality photocopy, or a copy downloaded from our website (;
  • You must write legibly;
  • You must sign the form where indicated (2 times);
  • Any false statement (Cancelling your hotel reservation after the visa has been granted is considered a false statement unless duly justified) will lead to the visa being refused or to the annulment of a visa already granted;
  • Addresses in France must be accurate and include the house number, street name, the town and the postcode.

By headings

Heading Guidance on completing the form
1 Surname Please write your name as recorded in your passport (in case of spouse name, please write « spouse » followed by your married name), (e.g. Vikas Jayendra Shah, fill in Shah)
2 Surname at birth Write your maiden name if different from the one indicated in heading 1.
3 Given name(s) Indicate your given name(s) as written in your passport (e.g. Vikas Jayendra Shah, fill in Vikas Jayendra)
4 Date of birth In the format : DD-MM-YY
5 Place of birth This must be the village/ town in which you were born
6 Country of birth Enter your country of birth.
7 Current nationality Enter the nationality as recorded in your passport and, if applicable, the other nationalities you may hold
8 Sex Tick the appropriate box
9 Marital status Tick the box corresponding to your legal status
If living in a marriage-like relationship with your partner without being legally married, tick « other » and write « unmarried partner »
If you are in a civil partnership or PACS with a French citizen, tick « other » and write “Civil partnership” or “PACS”
10 In the case of minors: Surname… Please provide all details regarding the child’s legal guardian
11 National identity number To leave Blank
12 Type of travel document If you hold an ordinary passport, please tick the box « National passport »
13 Number of travel document Write your passport serial number
14 Date of issue Write the original date of issue
15 Valid until Write the date indicated in your passport taking into account the extension’s date
16 Issued by This is the National Authority that issued the passport. Please also include the place it was issued.
17 Applicant’s home address Full current addressin the UK AND email address. If you have not enough space you may write it on a blank paper.
  Telephone number(s) Landline and mobile numbers
18 Residence in a country… Mark “Yes” and put your UK visa number. You can find it in your passport. You can have Entry Clearance stamp with a red 9-digit number in the top right corner (e.g. 987654321) or you can have Residence Permit stamp with a black 7-digit number preceded by UK (e.g. UK1234567). Please Type in your Expriy Date if Applicable
19 Current occupation As a rule write the occupation recorded in your passport. If you write a different occupation please give a short explanation (for instance « teacher (former student) » or « retired (former commercial director) ».
If you are unemployed, please write « unemployed »
20 Employer and employer’s address Provide full details of your employer or of your school (name, address, telephone number)
21 Main purposes(s) of the journey Tick as appropriate
22 Member State(s) of destination France
23 Member State of first entry Put your first point of entry in France
24 Number of entries Tick as appropriate
25 Duration of the intended stay State the validity of the visa you wish to obtain. It can’t be longer than your policy and UK visa validity.
26 Schengen visas during the past 3 years Please give details as requested
27 Fingerprints collected previously… Tick as appropriate and give details if your fingerprints were taken in order to grant you a Schengen visa
28 Entry permit for the final country of destination To be completed if applying for a transit visa
29 Intended date of travel State your planned date of arrival in the Schengen area
30 Intended date of departure State your planned leaving date from the Schengen area
31 Surname and first name of the inviting person(s) in the Member State(s) Write full name of the person(s) you are visiting in France or name of the hotel you have booked
  Address and email address of inviting person(s)… Write postal and email address of your host/ hotel
  Telephone and telefax Please give details as requested
32 Name and address of inviting company If travelling to France for another purpose than tourism, please write name and address as requested
  Telephone and telefax Please give details as requested
  Surname, first name… Give full details of your contact in the inviting company
33 Cost of travelling… Tick as appropriate (you are paying for your trip or you are sponsored) and give full details
34 Personal data of the family member…  
  Surname Only applies if you are the spouse/ dependant child or parent of an EU, EEA or CH national
  First name(s)
  Date of Birth
  Number of travel document..
35 Family relationship with Tick as appropriate
36 Place and date Write the place and the date when you complete this application even if different from when you come and apply for your visa (e.g London and todays date)
Signature Sign to confirm the information given are true
The application must be signed by the visa applicant or legal guardian for minors
Applicants unable to sign are invited to sign with a cross
Declaration To read carefully
  Place and date Place, date and sign here to confirm that you have readand understood the declaration



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